Saturday October 6: Tomorrow/ Womorrot EP & Straight Outta Tumblr

Doors open at 8 pm

Tomorrow/Womorrot EP

Drawing inspiration from the famous 1920’s silent film Metropolis by Fritz Lang, Simon Weiss, photographer Simon Keizer and graphic designer Stan de Natris, set out to bring their view on this dystopial setting. Bringing the three different art forms together will produce a final result that is impressive in every sense of the word. By focussing on being independent and self-sufficient Simon Weiss and his companions created utmost honest work.

Simon Weiss is taking over fast and smooth. His track ‘Amsterdam Wave’ on Rush Hour’s Amsterdam All-Stars compilation last year was a brief introduction. His Rush Hour follow up, a full 12″ titled ‘Wave Ep’ has just hit the shelves and is getting great feedback. Now Simon Weiss readies for a three out of three with a brand new 10″.

Straight Outta Tumblr

The Force Of Freedom put their weblog on display in Straight Outta Tumblr, at the entrance of the W139. The weblog was created as a way to publish the images they produce on a regular basis. Recently they have increasingly been using mobile devices to create, edit and publish their images. Every spare minute otherwise being spent on Facebook had been spent on creating images. They agreed on the rule that as soon as one of the artists thinks of an image he has to make it instantly, and post it. This process results in images of varying quality, which all together make up an evolving stream of the artists’ thoughts, interests and preoccupations.

Since 2009 The Force Of Freedom is a collaboration between Micha Prinsen and Roel Roscam Abbing. In 2012 they both graduated from the Fine Arts department of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Roel is currently doing a MA Networked Media at the Piet Zwart Institute while Micha is making mad money at Albert Heijn.