AUGUST 25: Mayhem4Ever Energy Drink launch party

With Mayhem4Ever (Amsterdam) and specially invited DJ’s

Why Be (DK)
Mesh (GER/US)
Craxxxmurf (NO)

Doors open 9pm
Tickets 5 Euro (available at the door till 2pm)
Closing 3pm

Mayhem4ever is an organization based in Amsterdam that describes their newest form as follows. One of our core values is a deep respect for the diversity of humanity. To celebrate this concept we are turning Mayhem4ever into
an energy drink. More specifically we are creating a refreshing liquid that will both speed up humanity and support a more democratic appreciation for diverse lifestyles.

“I never thought that this organization would morph into something so beautiful and contemporary as an energy drink. And it’s not just an energy drink; it represents a way of looking at planet earth and the species that inhabit it. That I could buy a commodity that would ever make me realize something about life was never in my wildest dreams realizable. Well, here you go planet earth. Enjoy it.”

Executive manager at Mayhem4ever

This energy drink will support a number of diverse organizations across the globe. The aim is not to support a specific political, social, moral or economic segment of human activity but to spread our wings as widely as possible. Mayhem4ever believes everyone deserves a chance. We want to support well-known organizations that have proven their merits over the course of time. But also pull up smaller endeavors into the attention of a wider audience.
The support will take place in the form of a financial contribution evenly divided over all the supported undertakings. This contribution will essentially consist out of the entire profit margin made out of this drink. In other words no profits will be made for ourselves. The goal is not to benefit personally but to spread the wealth.

“By drinking Mayhem4ever you are supporting all flavors of humanity.”

Head of marketing at Mayhem4ever