AUGUST 23: How to Film War and Politics and Not make a film on War and Politics

Doors open 8pm
Start 8.30 pm
Free Entrance

Stefan Majakowski presents: How to Film War and Politics and Not make a film on War and Politics

Join us for three films:

Axis of Evil
(Pascal Lièvre, Canada, 5 min)
On their honeymoon at Niagra Falls a man declares his love for his wife with the words George Bush used to declare war on terrorism.


Recruit Rosenberg
(Max Blecker & Efraim Klein, USA, 22 min)
An American teenager decides to join the army and fight in Afghanistan. While filming his daily life, his friends try to be as neutral as possible, so he can make his own seemingly bad decisions.


The Minders
(Sean McAllister, UK, 50 mins)
This British filmmaker invented the camcorder documentary. Without a professional crew or production team, McAllister finds himself in Iraq after the first war. The result can’t be labeled human interest, a diary film or current affairs; its simply one of the most sympathetic views of life in a miserable situation.