Torfi Fannar Gunnarsson (IS) & Susan Kooi (NL) present LUCY 2012

Doors open 8pm
Free entrance

In November 1974, a group of geologists, anthropologists, archaeologists and paleontoligists, looked for fossils in the Hedar Formation in Ethiopia. One morning they discovered some bones which came from one individual early hominid. In the camp the Beatles song ‘lucy in the sky with diamonds’ was being played loudly and repeatedly on a tape recorder. The fossil which was until then named AL 288-1, a female australopithecus afarensis that lived 3.2 million years ago, was therefore nicknamed Lucy.

The installation consist of Susan’s woven piece ‘australopithecus’ and Torfi’s abstract knitted textile with the addition of a woolly carpet stretched on a painted frame. The works deals with the past, present and future with references to pop culture, science and existentialism. The delicious absurdity of human existence.