Daniel vom Keller presents POST NATURAL PHANTASIES

An installation arose from the thinking about the future of the sea floor, the transience of our presence and the information of the surface. Scale, perspective and materiality become tools to manipulate the perception.

It could be a plan or just a furniture.

Looking for a new diversity.

Daniel vom Keller is a Swiss fine artist based in Amsterdam, where he recently graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a bachelor in Fine Arts. His sculptures shows his knowledge of materials which he gained at previous studies at the Ceramic Design Class in Bern (CH) and at the Punkt G in Zürich. During his studies he has traveled and exhibited his work around Europe and in New York, where he did exchange in Pratt Institute.

In his work he is dealing with questions on the impact of human society and nature, and vice versa. It combines organic structures with elements from everyday life, like patterns from traffic signs or surfaces known from the architecture for example, and thus creates a unique visual language, which both critical comments but also with an ironical and humorous view on world affairs.

Doors open 8pm
Free entrance