July 26: Where are the subversives?

For a second time, Shadow Festival director Stefan Majakowski will guide us through a night of subversive documentaries. After the dark and grim night of Death and the Image, now we present you with something more funny and delightful. Three short films will be shown (see below).

Doors open at 8 pm

First movie starts at 9pm

Free entrance

Surrey Girls (Chloe Ruthven, UK 13 mins)
A collaborative documentary. Five unruly teenagers tell it like it is. This debut film, a testament of the girls’ world, could have only come about thanks to their absolute consent.

Such a nice boy I gave birth to (Marcin Koszalka, Poland 25 mins)
What seems to be at first a simple video diary is misleading. This most infamous of student films redefines the ego-documentary. Going far beyond the credo of Lars von Trier, the film continually confronts the division between fiction and reality as well as considering the meaning of dialogue.

Jean Genet in Chicago (Frédéric Moffet, Canada 26 mins)
The semi-pulp magazine Esquire sends Genet and three other leftwing writers, Allen Ginsburg, Terry Southern, William S. Burroughs  to cover the Democratic convention in 1968. Amidst the rioting Genet is unable to keep his mind on the politics of the situation as he leans toward the eroticism found in the streets.