June 30: GOLD presents HGich.T and Maria & The Mirrors

As part of the exhibition GOLD in the main space of W139, we present Maria & The Mirrors from London and HGich.T from Hamburg.

Doors open at 20.00 hrs
Start 21.00 hrs
Free entrance

The Maria & The Mirrors power trio hails from London and combines the three fundamentals: pummeling dancehall, power electronics and PVC. Expect: relentless double drum kit set up. Shards of piercing taped found sounds hanging off a diwali riddim. All acoustic sounds electronically treated. Strikingly transportative fem vox. Luridly glamorous and a memorable look – tropical refinement meets Slovakian sex worker. Harsh industrial textures harnessed to an whirlwind mix of danceable styles – always banging.

There are already more than 50 videos existing by HGich.T. Some of them have over a million hits on YouTube. They are, amongst others, Anna-Laura Lindhorst, Maike Schönfeld, Tutenchamun, Arne, and DJ Space Princess. Since HGich.T’s existence in the beginning of the ’90s, their line-up stays quite unclear and is continuously changing. Everyone is playing a role, nothing is real. For Amsterdam they will come with nine of them. “We are no collective, more a collecting basin for I-don’t-know-what.” Most of them graduated at the art academy in Hamburg, some are cab drivers, mathematicians, administrators in the waste industry or wood gnomes. Their music is a strange mix of Goa with lyrics based on German underdog slang. Call it theatre, performance, body art, music or video art – it doesn’t matter – their fans join every event in neon orange builder vests and white diapers, screaming barely translatable slogans like “HAUPTSCHUHLE”.