June 23: The Gifness

The Aapo Museum presents The Gifness

With works from:
The Aapo Museum (FIN / AMS)
Trapers.net (BG)
Yoshi Sodeoka (JP / NYC)
Arnar Asgeirsson (IS / AMS)

And music entertainment by Eros & Tino (IS / AMS)

Doors open at 8.30pm

Free entrance but donations are welcome

Gif is a bastard child of design. When the internet came, and someone came up with gifs – small animated pictures with a limited colorspace – they were already outdated and disliked. For a person browsing there was nothing worse than an animated ”under construction” gif, and this went double for a designer. But still, they survived the whole evolution of internet and are still here – much like a virus can survive through an ice age. And that they are in many ways – viruses – popping up in places where you don’t want them to appear, sometimes destroying a perfectly good (web)site.

For some reason a lot of artists have started to embrace gifs as a medium, perhaps because of their limitations, directness or quirkiness, or just because of pure nostalgia. Whatever is the reason, gif seems to be an exceptionally candid medium.

W139’s Barry and the Aapo Museum invite you to the Gifness, a one night stand including gif’s, hot music from hot boys Eros & Tino and traditional finnish flavored vodka.

See the flyer here