June 14: Aline Weyel Composition nr. 3

This Thursday Aline Weyel  will present her work ‘Composition nr. 3’  in Barry’s.

Since the theory is very different from the practice, I don’t want you to belief in this text.

—Archiving the instant moment—
The cracks in the appearance of an coherent structure.

Floating—not being capable to grasp a bit origin of information—being speechless.
Is the intangible moment changing faster than my eyes can see or is it just remaining the same?
How to expect the unforeseen, if the unexpected is constant present?

With my work I attend to slow down the passage—describing “what there is”,
I want to bind the eye to a signed moment, holding still within the everything.
and filter out the leftover essence, which is between the input and the output.

I want to glue together the distance—connect a thing, a person, a moment—by creating
a fluid form,
a grounded sketch— left beyond, as a legible trace.
a practical metaphor of cause and effect, testing and happening, watching and acting.
a structure— caused by the collation of its constant moving surrounding.
a form of a moment and its memory—going slowly backwards

Doors open at 18.00hrs