June 2: Jonas Lund & Sebastian Schmieg

Come to Barry on Saturday the 2nd of June for the presentation of  works by Jonas Lund & Anika Schwarzlose, and Sebastian Schmieg, in good company of music by Dj Too Young, DJ Bushdoof, and DJ Chrille Brun

Doors open at 8.30 pm
Free entrance (donations are welcome)

Colourful Pieces of Sky, 2011
Jonas Lund & Anika Schwarzlose

Colourful Pieces of Sky is an installation with a website, which is
constantly browsing Flickr, looking for the latest photograph that’s
tagged with sky, projected on a4 papers marked with sky on the ground.
The piece shows sometimes subtle, sometimes radical changes, which
altogether reveal operational modes of communication, emerging
semantics and image mediation strategies. Photographers all over the
world are contributing content to create a shifting, unpredictable,
and impermanent but ongoing visual experience.

Search by image, 2011, ongoing
Sebastian Schmieg

Search by Image is a series of algorithmic videos analyzing Google’s
image search of the same name. The video “Search by Image (Recursively,
Transparent PNG, #1)” begins with an empty image. This image – a
transparent PNG – was fed to Google’s Search by Image. The top result
was then fed back into the search algorithm again. This recursive
process was repeated 2951 times and compiled into a video. While the
video opens room for a lot of interpretation – it seems to tell a story
about the universe and about human evolution – what we actually get to
see is a glimpse of Google’s databases and algorithms. The experiments
will be repeated once a year.

Dj Too Young & DJ Bushdoof & DJ Chrille Brun